Still Life, 13-16 & 24 juni

Egyptian relief sculptures from approximately 2500 BC show warriors using poles to climb enemy walls. In the Netherlands poles were used as a practical means of passing over natural obstacles in marshy places. Centuries later pole vault became a full medal event at the Olympic Games in 1896. This means there’s a serious chance your daily habits will become a sport one day.

Together with Norwegian theatre maker Karen Roise Kielland (Blood for Roses), 7 graduate mime-students have developed a series of future sports. Has the digital revolution outplayed the human body’s physical role? Find out yourself in this post-industrial sports event with a grimy undertone.

HetVeem Theater: 13-15 juni:  20u30
.                                    16 juni:  15u & 20u30
Compagnietheater:     24 juni:     15u & 20u30   (It’s Festival)


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