Last friday Black Circus hit Antarctica again, and sjamandada was there to launch the first draft of C*Y*C*L*U*S: MABON. We had a blast, hard to record in words. In very short: people could submit stuff to sacrifice and in the end of the evening all was burnt with drumming and shouting. Next version will happen at performance stage DE WEERZIN, 12th of october 21:oo in the Vondelbunker (Schijnheilig), where the theme of the evening also will be: OFFER (sacrifice). Be sure not to miss out!

This friday, 27th of september, sieger will do a electric lemon-act with the guys from AARDLEK at the discovery festival in the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam.

Next day, saturn’s day 28th of september 17h RaaskalBOMfukkerZ play ADM, your most wanted squat/freeport in the western harber area (Hornweg). For the rest it’s a festival sharing the highlights of squat culture. Don’t miss it.

Same goes for a gig sunday afternoon 13th of october at STROOM Den Haag, where sieger will do sound poetry & words at the harvest of the HONINGBANK (honey bank), the only bank that doesn’t generate Death (Money), but Life (Honey). Ever heard: no money no honey? This is the hard evidence, IT’S A LIE: time is honey. Come one come all and join the buzz.

Besides that, sieger’s joining Boukje’s Schweigman& for the rerun of Tussen (from the 17th of november, check her agenda)& Jetse Batelaan (Artemis) with the new piece De Dag Dat De Papegaai Zelf Iets Wou Zeggen (premiere 4th of april 2014). More about all that very soon, insha’allah.


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