We want to be a gardener
We don’t want to give the answers,
but we’re fed up with only being allowed to ask questions
We don’t want to tell people how to live, we want to spark the imagination
We want the space to know not, to hesitate, to be in between
We say We, not because we consist of more than one person,
but because we believe in a collective that can cluster around these points of battle
We speak in English, because it might be that the people we search for don’t speak Dutch
We believe in the Dutch language
We believe in all languages
We want to break down language as a prison and build up language as a zeppelin
We don’t want to start a group named after our surnames,
or after the city we’re supposed to market
We don’t want to be a new brand
We don’t want to grow up
We want poetry
We believe, because to believe today is an act of resistance
We believe in the possibility of subversion, don’t care whether it’s all been done
We believe in a slow, patient revolution, fueled by – but not limited to – ART
We believe in urgency
We believe in the most important story to tell
We search for stories & songs & sentences the world needs to hear
We search for the ultimate consequence of every action
We believe we are ruled by the Head
We believe we are ruled by Commodity and Functionality
We believe this inevitably leads to stagnancy and superficiality
We believe that money is a tool for the world we didn’t succeed to reclaim YET
We want to MOVE
We believe movement is political
We believe space is political
We believe space is freedom
We reclaim our space
We demand freespace for curiosity; curiosity for its own sake
So whoever put us into this dependant situation:
                                 give us the freedom, or give us the money
What we need is islands
We are weary of islands
We want to break open the streets
We hate preaching for the choir
We believe in preaching for the choir,
the choir needs fuel for the battle outside
We are the battle outside
We will keep on searching for the most beautiful contradictions in the world
We believe in sjAMaNDADa
Because it’s a nice word
Let’s shake us home

& of all of this, quite the opposite.


3 thoughts on “maNiFesT

  1. We have to play with the world to form our own river of reality. Anything is possible! Ik hoop dat de sjamanen van de toekomst ons daarmee zullen helpen. Dat we onszelf kunnen losrukken van de machine en dan te midden van de automatische systemen ineens weer heel veel spannende speeltijd en speeltuinen vinden!

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