sjamandada performance platform

Dear shamanic dadaist international,

as sjamandada is moving from a personal flag to becoming more of a platform for the likeminded, last 20st to 24th of june 2018, within the context of the midsummer LivingVillageFestival, for the second year we organized the sjamandada-platform for performance on the verge of the healing and the unsettling, the uprooting and the re-rooting, the contemporary and the invisible, the priest and the fool, shaman and dada.

It became a diverse gang of performance artists. A greek instant composer (Maria Mavridou) improvised dance while eating the grass growing underneath her feet and silencing her guitarplayer (Arvid Ganga) with fierce embraces; on the exact moment of midsummer (Thursday 12:07 in the Netherlands) someone (me) climbed our structure with a mirrored helmet and a megaphone to yell apologies at the sun for misunderstanding our intrinsic wish to grow towards it, no longer balanced by healthy earth-craving gravity; the world’s greatest dis-illusionist ‘Golden Balthazar’ performed; interactive experimental sound poetry bands ‘HEUG’ and ‘What The Cat Dragged In’ played; manifesto’s were proclaimed with the explicit invitation to write down your own in the manifest-manifestation-station; one performer (Ioana Tudor) danced for 2 hours nonstop in party outfit to youtube advertizements; the borders between dada, shamanism, sounddance & performative jewelry were researched by two others (Yvette Teeuwen & me); contemporary animist live art was created by Mirka Farabegoli; Robert Steijn from the School of Tender Thinking veiled himself with a niqab, stripping underneath, in order to make contact with the snake spirit to shed his skins; the infamous noize trash formation FCKNG BSTRDS more or less squatted the terrain next to our theatre tent to spend the day making masks and installations from trash, tape, a random smoke machine, drawing a huge crowd performing diverse shades of noize with a great deal of deconstruction and uninhibited play, soon accompanied by an 8 year old girl that immediately understood. Next day easy listening piano legend ‘Laurens van Rooyen’ who worked with Walt Disney etc. had been lured into giving a recital on our untuned second hand piano while a poet (me) sang along with anarchist poetry (see photograph). Never saw a man so far out of place and comfort zone, but he survived shaking but proudly. Finally I evoked/invited the presence of the world population in a human outline on the floor, using sound poetry combined with shamanic techniques to get underneath the skin of world problems and gain images beyond rationality or the dreary feedback-loops of the media. Afterwards a tight funk band chased the last demons away. Besides human performers there were also abundant edible plants exercising slow-performance, meanwhile hitching rides to gardens of passerby’s for donation. And food, we had lovely cheep food as well, and the river Vecht to listen to each evening at 19h when we had 7 minutes of silence in the whole festival.

In the night time jams organized themselves where poets, dancers and musicians took turns around our honkey tonk piano. In the morning we would sometimes stumble upon a spontaneous pancake making session in the middle of the tent, or the last remainders of an unsolicited all-night-party would join our lovely kitchen to chop veggies. Everybody truely was an artist. I think in my hubris that Tzara, Arp, Ball or Ribbemont-Dessaignes would approve (as would Joseph Beuys but that might be another story).

I wholeheartedly grant permission to publish all this (if still on time) on dadabloge and if you wish re-enact addressing the sun at midsummer carrying mirrors on building helmets, recite anarchist poetry with bewildered easylistening-piano-celebs or any other of the events I described, do so whatever your cravings dictate. I will try to add more material shortly on http://sjamandada,org.

Yours truely,

sieger baljon

performer, poet, theatre maker, (dis-)organizer, person.