Wandelende Jood/Wandering Jew

wanderbirdDSC00934 DSC_1273There’s a boy on the roof.
There’s a dog that keeps on walking in circles.
There’s no place to lie down.
There’s a naked man on the streets of Athens.
There’s a boy on the roof that wants to reconcile Cain with Abel.
There’s a man on Dam square, yelling.
There’s a world, tottering in it’s flight.
There’s a wandering Jew, somewhere.
There’s a seed to plant.
There’s a boy on the roof, with no place to lie down.

Wandering Jew is a walking location piece, that strives to always connect its story-of-stories with the stories that lay hidden in the location(s), the spirit-of-place through which the performance is on the move. The story wanders from the personal history of the location through the personal history of the performer’s blood lines to a history of wandering, of the consciously possessionless; a history of walls and dogs and beggars and gardens, through Diogenes back to the garden of Eden and fast forward to the times of Jesus of Nazareth and the original myth of the Wandering Jew, a story loaded with bias, xenofobia and obsession with a very near end time that has plagued our culture for several thousand years. The question arises in this time of global collapse: has the prophecy of Apocalypse finally self-fulfilled, or are we ready to dig out the old roots of misunderstanding and find our way back to Eden?

A hopeful mime monologue about the history of the end of a world.

spoken either in dutch or english.

text & performance: sieger baljon. coached by Willemijn Zevenhuijzen (performance) & Rob de Graaf (text feedback).


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