1) imbolc: janus meets februus (2015)

31st of january 21:oo: sjamandada at the Black Circus, Vrankrijk, Spuistraat 216 Amsterdam. entrance: donation.

Cleaning time! January is the month of Janus, the 2faced god of doors and gateways, that looks back and forth. Back on the past, like watching comedians on the telly making fun of past year’s mishaps on new years eve. And into the future, like waking up next morning finding the same comedians lying in a pool of blood, marking the future. Oh yes, sjamandada’s new year’s resolution is to sharpen the blades, no more mister nice guy. We are all eh… everybody. To fight terrorism is to fight fear, without fear both scaremongering individuals and authorities are jobless, literally. Now we’re approaching February, named after Februus, god of cleansing and mocking. So before we go juicefasting for our (pre-)Christian Ramadan, let’s turn the pyramid upside down and stone both orthodoxies & authorities to tickledeath with teddybears of deadly black humor: Sjamandada will bring Carnaval to the Black Circus, Vrankrijk, 31st of January. We will smoke the orthodoxies in YOU out of their holes. Carnaval will mark the revolution this year, mark my words. Insha’allah!


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