litha: ZONNEKULT (2014) & PANIEKBLOEI! (2013)

21 juni 2014: ZONNEKULT

aanvang2 binnen2 binnen3 buiten0buiten1 buiten4 buiten6we schroeien gaten in de bomen met dat wat in ons brandt
er gaan glimmende steigers richting de zon
er gaan brandende vliegtuigen naar de zon
alles in ons zet zich af tegen de vochtige grond
alles in ons likt omhoog, trapt neer

vrienden, we aanbidden die vuurbol al eeuwen
we scheuren ons uit de moederschoot
en smeren op onze smoelen de krijgerskleuren van onze vader
we branden op
we branden op
we branden op

vannacht zoek ik de schaduw van een bunker
vannacht dragen wij die eeuwenlange midzomer ten grave
vannacht vieren wij de fik, in haar eeuwige afscheid
dalen af

vrienden, wij leven in een zonnecultus.
maar vannacht verandert dat.


4 juli 2013: PANIEKBLOEI!

To complement the midwinter/yule kick off of the year cycle project, midsummer asked for a public intervention: paniekbloei. On the 4th of July, we declared ourselves independant and took the nomadic garden we planted on the roof of the theaterschool to the streets for a religious procession, to reconcile the first sons of Adam: Cain and Abel, and thus find a way for the wandering jew and all the rest of us, restless dogs, to rest our heads and plant our seed,

green-washingWe declare our in-deep-end-dance, Independance Day. This is Amsterdam Jodenbree, Amsterdam Mokum, still crying, Amsterdam magical centre, Amsterdam kabouter city, gnome city of provo, Amsterdam Republic, This is the place where we plant a seed. Half a year back I stood on the rooftop, like a restless dog searching for its place. Like a wandering jew. Today we undertake a procession from that very rooftop through old Amsterdam towards the dam monument. A procession with a nomadic garden on the loose. The wandering ‘zwerftuin‘ garden that has blossomed last few months. A procession to reunite Abel with Cain. Cain the farmer that killed his brother, Abel the Nomad. We want to reconcile the roots with the movement. It’s coming closer, we hear it approaching with the sound of roots through moist soil…

PANICBLOOM: the phenomenon of rapid bloom when plants get moved or threatened.

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