mabon: turning point (2014) & offer (2013)

21st of september 2014: “Turning Point”

At the exact day of the equinox, as night and day are equal in length, we decided to start whirling in front of Central Station, early morning, rush hour. Expecting an immense meditative contrast with the rat race surrounding, surprisingly the opposite happened: we became the still point where the hectic city life turns around, both sides complementing each other in perfect harmony. Including cops and train conductors (one conductor even offered me a cappuccino).

DSC_0051 DSC_0027 DSC_0067

saturn 12th of october 2013: “Offer”

Footage of the Mabon performance in Vondelbunker october 2013 (quite late for mabon, i know).

Beginning of the evening, scythe-dance and sacrificial intro:

Scything the frontal hair-lock marking the time from the spring of meeting my love to the harvest time of marrying her:

…and BOOM! sacrifying all people’s contributions at the end of the night, again (like last time in Antarctica) turning into quite a party:




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